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October 23, 2012
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Stingy Jack
Was bold and shrewd;
A prankster he,
With plot so grand,
Trick'd the Devil
To keep his soul
And ensure His seat
At th' good Lord's hand.

Stingy Jack
Lived good and long,
A fool for tricks
With Liquor breath.
'Twas no surprise
When hard he fell
In drunken stupor,
Still as Death.

Dear Olde Jack
Was banned from Heav'n
And could not enter
Th' Pearly Gates.
Shunnéd and lost,
He turned back 'round
To inquire th' Host
Of th' Darker Fates.

Dear Olde Jack
Was barred from Hell.
Not even th' Devil
Desir'd His Soul.
Weary and spent,
He turn'd to th' Land
Where mortals doze
As Death bells toll.

Poor Olde Jack,
In Darkness bleak,
Afraid to walk
For fear of Fay.
A root from God,
Th' Devil's coal,
Combin'd as One
To light His way.

Poor Olde Jack,
Condemn'd to walk
A lonely Road
Where none may tread.
And where did He
With Lantern bright
Steal off to Guide
And Light th' Dead?

'Tis said He wanders
On and Gone,
His Spirit a most
Unwelcome guest.
Fay and demons
Flock to taunt
And ne'er bring
His soul to Rest.

'Tis said He wears
A Pumpkin's head
To frighten off
Those ghoulish fiends.
'Tis said He rides
A wicked mount
And slays th' Vile
With Sacred means.

'Tis said He wears
A crown of thorns,
A King of Sins
And Evil's brew.
'Tis said He stalks
And preys on maids,
Beauty rare and
Ripe in Virtue.

If thou hast found
That Cryptic wood
Where roads diverge
At Crosséd paths,
Be wary,
Yonder traveler, Hark!
Thou shan't be spared
Th' Devil's Wrath.

If some gloomy
Hallow's Eve,
Finds thee Lost
With no way back,
Seek out th' Light
To guide thee Home,
And bear in mind
Th' Tale of Jack.

A poem in the spirit of Halloween. It follows the legend of Jack-o-Lantern, or Stingy Jack. That's pronounced [stihn-JEE] not [sting-ee]. Part inspired by traditional folklore and part by Robert Frost.

This is from my Nightmare Before Christmas fanfic, Shade's Hollow - Chapter 7: Nightmare. It follows the following excerpt:

The scarecrow jumped away, perching on one long, hay-covered leg and twisting its body only slightly away. It turned its grinning pumpkin face to her and gently bobbed its body up and down to help keep balance. "The soul of Jack O'Lantern was barred from entering neither Heaven nor Hell, condemned to wander the mortal realm with only his lantern to guide him." the scarecrow stated in a sing-song voice. It lifted its limbs gracefully, then leapt over Bella and balanced in the same position on the other side of her.

"As All Hallow's Eve came 'round, he set out to find a place to rest, yet the people put upon their windowsills and doorsteps carved pumpkins to guard them against Jack's soul and any evil spirits that came 'round. The magical totems cast spells of protection over those who resided inside and fought off the fiends of Hallowe'en!" The scarecrow cackled wildly, promptly bursting into flames and flailing about in a bizarre, entrancing dance.

And I know there are a lot of apostrophes dancing around in this. It's supposed to help keep the flow symmetrical for each verse and represent how the scarecrow sung it in verse. I perceived the character of Scarecrow to have a traditional feel, a folklore storyteller with the flare of the wise and a touch of Southern gentleman.
NewLifeNewLovex3 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2012  Student Digital Artist
A very interesting poem, might i say.
NJPickleFiend Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you~
NewLifeNewLovex3 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Welcome ! :) I hope to see more in time.
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